Organised and thought-out financial transactions form the success of every company, but accounting is like the heart, which keeps the whole company alive.

Therefore it is important to select a professional, loyal accountant who will always act in compliance with the values and aims of your company, will see the risks and help to prevent them, as well as secure the smooth flow of finances in the company.


We provide a complete spectrum of accounting services:

  • Accounting in compliance with the requirements of the state laws and regulations,
  • Adjustments of accounting for previous periods,
  • Invoicing and making of payments,
  • Communication with the State revenue service and other state institutions,
  • Preparation of annual reports, balance sheets,
  • Preparation of VAT declarations, diversion and recovery of surplus VAT,
  • Annual tax declarations
  • Statements and reports according to the needs of the company – for the Director, the Governing Board, the owners.

Our range of services also includes payroll accounting and tax accounting services.

For Estonian and Lithuanian business subsidiaries in Latvia, as well as companies in Latvia which are otherwise associated with Estonia and Lithuania, we also offer the coordination of the balance sheet and profit/loss calculation with Estonian and Lithuanian legislative requirements in order to consolidate the accounting of the company with the parent company or other related companies.

What do Clients say about us?

"Numeri has supported Hurtigruten OÜ since the company’s inception in January of 2011 supporting all of our accounting needs. Numeri has provided exceptional service over the past 5 years proving to be extremely flexible to our demands and delivering outstanding quality. We are extremely pleased to have Numeri as one of our most valued partners."

Angel Moledo - Hurtigruten OÜ

"We are happy about finding a reliable partner and have had a successful cooperation with Numeri for already 20 years."

Hanno Septer - Arrow Electronics Estonia OÜ