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By choosing us, You are surrounding Yourself with assets, not liabilities.

Numeri is a leading company in its field in Latvia. We provide accounting services, payroll services, HR services, tax and financial consultations for various businesses, companies and organizations, as well as state institutions. Numeri operates in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia by providing daily services in Latvia to more than 220 local and foreign Clients engaged in many diverse businesses.

Our team is comprised of the best professionals in the field - with years of accumulated experience in the field of accounting, payroll, financial services and business management with a state of the art knowledge of the finest accounting nuances.

Our goal is to help You focus on the core business of Your company, while we engage in the arranging and regulating of the accounting and financial flow.

"First of all, the success roots in the consciousness and then materializes, but never in the other way."

We base our activities on three values:






We, the Baltic finance advisers, specialize in accounting and financial consultancy. We perfectly know the financial language and recognize the value of financial order in any business.



We provide the finest, most effective and valuable solutions for all your business financial needs with a full range of tax, accounting, and consulting services in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Our history

In September 2010, IMG and “Grāmatvedības aģentūra” combined their knowledge and experience of more than 10 years in order to reach a higher level of service to their clients in the Baltic States.
IMG is a subsidiary of an Estonian Investment Group in Latvia performing since 2001. The IMG Group is one of the leading tax consulting and accounting companies in Estonia.
“Grāmatvedības aģentūra” partly belongs to a German finance company GLC Glücksburg Consulting Group and performs since 1998. The company is one of the founders of the Latvian Association of Accounting Outsourcing.

Our leaders

Our leaders are high level professionals in finance consultancy. The team of 20 professionals perfectly understands the nuances of accounting and we believe that perfectly arranged finances are the bases of any business success.