Surround Yourself with assets, not liabilities.

Numeri is a leading company in its field in Latvia. We provide accounting services, payroll services, HR services, tax and financial consultations for various businesses, companies and organizations, as well as state institutions. Numeri operates in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia by providing daily services in Latvia to more than 220 local and foreign Clients engaged in many diverse businesses.

Our team is comprised of the best professionals in the field – with years of accumulated experience in the field of accounting, payroll, financial services and business management with a state of the art knowledge of the finest accounting nuances.

Our goal is to help You focus on the core business of Your company, while we engage in the arranging and regulating of the accounting and financial flow.

"If You want something You've never had You must be willing to do something You've never done."

We base our activities on three values:





Highest quality in accounting services.

Numeri has extensive experience in arranging accounting for local and international companies. We are perfectly familiar with the finer details of accounting and believe finance
is the basis for the success of any company. Entrusting accounting and financial flows
to us, You will be able to dedicate Your time for the core business of the company.


Experience and knowledge in taxes.

Numeri is an employer for experienced tax professionals and accountants, and engage in complex tax and accounting projects.


Cooperation with Associations.

Numeri is a member of Association of Nordic Accounting, American Chamber of
Commerce in Latvia, Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia and Latvian
Association of Accountants.