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Internal audit is a control mechanism that not only helps the management of the company understand the real financial situation, gain confidence about the performance of the company, as well as prevent possible risks but also helps the company to maintain the trust of the clients and the controlling entities. The assessment of an independent expert will help improve Your business performance and will be useful as a means of ensuring the risk management process.


We offer:

  • Verification of the financial condition of Your company, identifying areas that require improvements;
  • Economic reflection and rehabilitation of various transactions;
  • Verification and analysis of various submitted reports;
  • Evaluation of the liabilities of debtors and creditors, defining the improvements for the business process (incl. saving resources and reducing costs);
  • Verification and analysis of the calculation of various investment plans;
  • Collaboration in SWOT analysis, in order to achieve the company’s goals, develop ans improve its operation;
  • Any other tests for the obtaining of objective financial data.


In addition Numeri offers financial planning, tax advisory and management reporting services,  as well as the English-Latvian or Latvian-English translation of various financial documents.