Besides accounting, payroll accounting and tax services, Numeri can help Your company in several other fields that are just as important for business.

Below You will find the main areas Numeri can help you in. If You cannot find the service You require, feel free to contact us for more information.

​Financial Planning


We believe that successful business is based on a prudent business plan – this is a guide to the attainment of the financial aims of the company.

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​For Non-Residents


Do You want to start a business in the Baltic countries, but are not familiar with either the legislative and tax policy, or with potential regulatory or bureaucratic obstacles?

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Financial Audit


Internal audit is a control mechanism that helps to understand the real financial situation for the management of the company, get confidence about the performance of the company, as well as prevent possible risks.

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​​Management Reports


Each company has its own development goals. We offer tools to help measure the results and assess their compliance with the set objectives.

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Personnel Records


Trusting the payroll accounting and personnel records management to us will result in a precise and timely employees’ remuneration calculation and amendments application all together in one place.

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Legal Services


The origin of any successful business is precise legal documentation arranged in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory enactments. We will help You in this process from start to finish, thereby reducing the risks associated with the creation of a new company.

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Accounting, legal or management documents more often than not are necessary in Latvian-English or English-Latvian in order for all of the company’s members to be properly informed about the operation of the company. We will translate Your company’s financial statements, contracts, various reports, decisions and other financial documents.