To win in the marketplace You must first win in the workplace.


Payroll accounting requires the highest precision in every detail because loyal and well-paid employees are the most valuable resource of every successful company. Salaries are where the employer, the employee and the state meet, thus the demands and aspirations of each party must be taken into account.


By assigning the payroll accounting to our team, You will no longer have to think about:

  • Monthly payroll accounting and taxes thereof;
  • Preparation and submission of monthly and annual reports to the State Revenue Service;
  • Preparation and submission of payroll and employment reports to the Central Statistical Bureau;
  • Registration and deregistration of employees in the State Revenue Service;
  • Provision of electronic payslips to employees;
  • HR administrative work, i.e. records management.


Numeri provides personnel records management services as an additional service to the payroll accounting. This includes the preparation of employment documentation, maintenance of employee documentation registers and consultations within the framework of the Latvian Labour Law.